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Published: 23rd November 2009
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Samsung is a digital leader of the world producing many electronic, technological and digital products. Samsung is determined to provide the highest standards of electronic products and is serving the world for more than 70 years. It started as a small export business in Taegu Korea. Samsung mobiles are famous for its wonderful and innovative features. Samsung mobiles are also famous for its ringtones. It has various ringtones availabe in it as its inbuilt feature.

Samsung is the world class electronic and digital equpment manufacturing company. It present wide range of electronic products which includes computers, mobiles, Refrigerators, Televisions, CCTV, Fibre optics etc. It is all because of quality of Samsung, it was able to gain a huge customer base across the world. This is the one of the largest electronic company having various centers in different parts of the World. Samsung Mobiles are doing great business all over the world. According to a study, it had overall 14% market share in 2007. Samsung is known to be second largest mobile manufacturer in the world. Samsung has always been famous for its innovative style and it can been seen in Samsung mobiles also. Samsung mobiles are loaded with many innovative features and let customers experience world class digital technology. Though Samsung mobiles come with many inbuilt ringtones but people may like to install some different ringtone. There are various sources from which ringtones can be downloaded on these mobiles. The most popular source is internet. Internet is full of thousands of sites that provide ringtones. Some sites allow you to download mobile ringtones free of cost where as some sites charge you a little amount for this. These ring tones can be classified into various categories like:

i.Bollywood songs
ii. Country music
iii. Classical and oldies
iv. Rock or alternative
v. Country music
vi. Devotional songs.

Some companies make their company's official songs available in form of ringtones. These ringtones promote the company's products. For instance one can download Airtel's ringtone or Kingfisher's ringtone on their mobiles. If you looking for Samsung mobile ringtones, these sites provide you ringtones that are compatible to Samsung and other brand of mobiles. Apart from Internet, a person can also select ring tones by using the Mp3 ringtones services offered by telecom operator.

Mobile gained popularity as it entered into market because of its various features. Ring tone is the oldest feature of mobiles. Advancement in technology equipped mobiles with many new features and converted it into a miracle tool. Ringtones has also seen many modifications in its journey till date. The first ringtone was developed in Finland in 1998. Earlier ringtones were monophonic and it would simply alert people of incoming calls. A person can easily remember old Nokia ringtones which were in text format and a person could compose a ringtone and could transfer ringtone to other nokia mobiles by SMS. But now scene has changed, ringtones are polyphonic and people can use any ringtone depending on his mood. Now ringtones refelect a person's choice, his style and personality.

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